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Save On April's Best During Our Sale

Posted by rluna 04/05/2020 0 Comment(s)

Ecuadorian Rainforest is offering several ingredients and giving them special prices during our April sale. These ingredients are quality tested and ready to ship worldwide.


One of the ingredients on sale is Ecuadorian Rainforest’s Chickpea Powder. All over the world chickpea is a celebrated source of vegetarian protein, offering up to 10 grams of the nutrient per serving. Chickpea is also known for folate, vitamin C, and magnesium.  


Another ingredient on sale this month is Ecuadorian Rainforest’s Golden Berry Powder. Golden berry is a good source of antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A, making it a popular ingredient in natural immunity support products.


Scroll down for a full list of ingredients on sale this month. Don't forget to ask for a wholesale quote.