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Save On March's Hottest Ingredients

Posted by rluna 03/11/2019 0 Comment(s)

This month, Ecuadorian Raifnorest is offering some of the choicest ingredients at special pricing during March's sale. 


An ingredient on sale this month is Ecuadorian Rainforest’s Flaxseed Powder. Flax seed is a good vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids. Other essential nutrients found in flaxseed include vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folate, calcium and more. This makes a great ingredient for a plant protein product.


Another ingredient on sale this month is Ecuadorian Rainforest’s Quinoa Powder. Quinoa is a staple in South American diets and rich in many nutrients. Not only is quinoa a good source of dietary fiber, but it also contains a good amount of protein per serving. Quinoa lends itself to a number of formulations including functional beverages.


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