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Antioxidant Rich Ingredients


Bulk Antioxidant Nutraceutical Ingredient Solutions


Antioxidants are a staple in the nutraceuticals industry. Consumers love them for their health benefits and formulators cherish them for their wide array of applications. At Ecuadorian Rainforest, we offer a large number of antioxidant-filled ingredients at competitive wholesale prices.

While the antioxidant market has been around for some time, the category is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, consumer demand has kept growing, with the  demand for superfoods rising around the world. According to an article in Nutraceuticals World, the antioxidant market is poised to grow by 4.71% until 2018. By 2022, the natural antioxidants market is expected to be worth an estimated $4.14 billion.

Animal feeds are also following the antioxidants trend. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, antioxidants are used to help preserve feed for livestock. That market is expected to be worth $238.5 million by 2018.

As already mentioned, natural antioxidants make a great substitute for synthetic preservatives. Antioxidants may also be used in a number of products ranging from functional foods and beverages to nutritional supplements. 


Some of our antioxidant ingredients include:

Turmeric, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Walnut, Artichoke, Cranberry, Cherry, Kale, Blackberry

Hundreds more available!  More below!


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