Ecuadorian Rainforest exhibited at IFT First in Chicago July 11-13. The show was a success! The company was one of the only ingredient suppliers of Amazon Rainforest ingredients! The visitors to the show were enthralled by our display of ingredients like guayusa, cat's claw, and more.

The show definitely had some trends that we picked up on, too. In particular, plant proteins! As consumers shift their habits to proteins from plant sources, Ecuadorian Rainforest is able to meet that demand with ingredients like pea protein, black walnut powder, lentil, chia, and more.  The market for plant proteins is booming and with no signs of slowing.

Interest in plant proteins? Visit our page dedicated to this growing market HERE.

Next up, BioFach in Germany. The world’s largest all-organic trade show.

Auf Wiedersehen!