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Common Name: Acai

Botanical Name: Euterpe Oleracea Mart

Origin: South America

Due to its fame as a reported superfruit, acai is now a name known around the world due to its nutritional profile. Acai comes from the acai palm tree that grows in warm weather. The acai berry is a small, dark-purple drupe that measures about 25 mm in diameter. Inside the fruit there exists a single seed that makes up the bulk of the whole berry, or nearly 80 percent. Acai is one of the most eaten foods in Brazil. 

Acai Berry Nutrients & Applications

Acai was hailed early on as a superfruit, a moniker that has stuck and it is clear why. The berry may be one of the best resources on the planet for phytochemicals. Acai is packed with phenolics and anthocyanins.

Acai is also an incredible source of antioxidants.  The fruit contains a high amount of vitamin A. In addition, other essential nutrients found in acai include fiber and calcium.

Acai is great to add to virtually any product. Whether you are looking for a boost of nutrition, a burst of a color, or to add an exotic ingredient, acai is always a great choice. It’s perfect for functional foods and beverages, multivitamins, and much more. Try acai for yourself. Ask for a sample right now. *

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