Bulk Chuchuhuasi Powders And Extracts

Bulk Chuchuhuasi Powders And Extracts

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Common Name: Chuchuhuasi

Botanical Name: Maytenus Aelivis

Origin: South America

Chuchuhuasi is a large canopy tree that grows in various South American locales including the tropical rainforests of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Chuchuhuasi stands out in the wild, with its thick reddish-brown bark, giant-sized leaves and beautiful white flowers.

Chuchuhuasi Nutrients & Applications

Chuchuhuasi has a rich history in South America. The South American people used chuchuhuasi in many ways, even pairing chuchuhuasi with sugarcane rum to create a popular local drink that even the tourists flock to nicknamed “go-juice.”  

One of the biggest draws of chuchuhuasi is its alkaloids, favonols, and triterpenes content. Two of its most well-known alkaloids are mayteine and maytansine. Chuchuhuasi also offers up a number of other plant chemicals including agarofuran, tannins, and more.

Chuchuhuasi offers a woody flavor with a soft, powdery texture. Its brownish-red color makes it great for encapsulation in addition to functional foods or many other applications. Ask for a sample of chuchuhuasi right away.*

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