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Bulk Clavo Huasca Powders And Extracts

Bulk Clavo Huasca Powders And Extracts

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Common Name: Clavo Huasca

Botanical Name: Tynanthus Panurensis

Origin: South America

One of the Amazon’s most beloved indigenous plants, clavo huasca is a woody vine that can grow up to lengths of 80 meters. Small white flowers dot the clavo huasca vine. It also produces a bean-like fruit. The bark and root of clavo huasca has a clove-like scent. The bark of clavo huasca also has a dark red color to it.

Clavo Huasca Nutrients & Applications

Clavo huasca has a long history among the tribes of the Amazon rainforest. They have consumed clavo huasca for generations, making it an important plant in their respective cultures.

Clavo huasca is a treasure trove of plant chemicals. Some of the active plant chemicals found in clavo huasca include tinantina, an alkaloid, tannic acids, and eugenol. 

Use clavo huasca in a number of applications. From encapsulation to functional beverages, clavo huasca lends itself to a number of formulations. See for yourself how clavo huasca fits into your product and ask for a sample today.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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