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Common Name: Guayusa

Botanical Name: Ilex Guayusa

Origin: South America

Guayusa is one of Ecuador’s most prized treasures. Guayusa grows on trees of the holly genus and is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. The trees grow in extreme heights, especially dominating forests with Dictyocaryum palms. The leaves have been used by the people of the region in teas.

Guayusa Nutrients & Applications

Guayusa is known as South America’s version of green tea. Like green tea, guayusa offers a good amount of caffeine which may offer up extra energy when needed most. The brew has been used by indigenous tribes as a pick-me-up for generations. 

Another nutrient found in guayusa that separates it from your morning coffee is its secret weapon: L-theanine. This, combined with caffeine, offers up a sustainable boost of energy that comes without the jitters. 

Add guayusa to any of your products. Guayusa is perfect for functional beverages, energy drinks, sports nutrition supplements and a whole lot more. Ask for a sample right away.*

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