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Common Name: Huanarpo

Botanical Name: Helosis Cayennensis

Origin: South America

This herb has come all the way from Peru and has become one of the world’s leading herbs. Huanarpo has a strong following in its native country and is considered an important plant to the locals. Huanarpo grows as a medium-sized shrubby tree that is adorned by ruby-colored flowers.

Huanarpo Nutrients & Applications

Huanarpo is known to contain several sapogenins, flavonoids, and alkaloids.  These phytochemicals act very much like antioxidants. The most abundant nutrient found in huanarpo is proanthocyanidins. 

Huanarpo is still a popular product throughout South America and is spreading throughout the U.S. and beyond. Formulate with huanarpo in several ways, such as adding it to a multivitamin, encapsulation, and more.

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