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Wholesale Nutraceutical Fiber Ingredient Solutions

Fiber is a fundamental nutrient for optimal health. Found in a number of natural fruits and vegetables, fiber supports several parts of the body including cardiovascular health and gut health. Ecuadorian Rainforest offers a range of fiber-filled ingredients perfect for any formulation.

Fibers are well known for their effect on the cardiovascular system. In a meta analysis published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers analyzed the results of 67 controlled trials to gauge fiber’s efficacy against cholesterol. The meta analysis concluded that fiber may support healthy cholesterol management by lowering LDL cholesterol.

Fibers are vital for a healthy gut, too. In an article published in Scientific American, fiber may even be vital to healthy gut microbes. According to the article, “Adding more fiber to the diet can trigger a shift from a microbial profile linked to obesity to one correlated with a leaner physique. Another recent study shows that when microbes are starved of fiber, they can start to feed on the protective mucus lining of the gut, possibly triggering inflammation and disease.”

Over the years, fiber has become one of the most popular nutrients in the nutraceuticals industry. As consumers have aged and learned more about optimal health, they came to understand the crucial role of fiber. Sales of the nutrient have reflected that.

In a report from MarketsandMarkets, the value of the fiber market is on the rise. According to the report, the fiber market is poised to be worth $3.25 billion by 2017. The growth is attributed to an aging population looking to support their overall health. 

The largest markets for fiber supplements are North America and Europe. Each constitutes 36% and 31% of the market, respectively, according to the report.

Fiber is not only useful for an aging population, but it’s a vital nutrient for anyone no matter the age group. Fiber is also a malleable ingredient, going well in capsules or in functional foods and beverages. Fiber goes great in any delivery system.

Look for fiber in several of our ingredients including: Apple Fiber Powder, Barley Fiber Powder, Beet Fiber Powder, Blueberry Fiber Powder, Carrot Fiber Powder, Concord Grape Fiber Powder, Cranberry Fiber Powder, Date Fiber Powder, Grape Skin Fiber Powder, Grapefruit Fiber Powder

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