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Functional Ingredients


Plant Protein

Looking to source protein? Plant protein goes well in a number of formulations, meanwhile helping to keep costs down and adding the plant’s nutritional profile. Ecuadorian Rainforest offers a number of plant-based protein powders that would go great into your product.

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Be the super hero of the industry and formulate with superfoods. Acai, avacdo, goji, pineapple and more. Superfoods are here to stay. Consumers want to avoid the cost of storing fresh fruit and vegetables which spoil quickly. Instead, they want dried powders and extracts with a longer shelf life to add to their smoothies or food creations. Let us help you create your next super product.

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Immune Support

Consumers have been clearing shelves of immunity-support products, preparing themselves for the cold season. According to The New York Times, millions are expected to be infected by influenza and other viral infections. Consumers have shown that they are trying to do what they can in order to stave off any sickness, thus the boom in the segment.

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Organic Ingredients

Products from foods to snacks even soap have all been having caught in the organic wave, driven by consumer demand for cleaner and environmentally-conscious products. Have your product stand out with USDA-certified wholesale organic ingredients from Ecuadorian Rainforest

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Alternative Grains

Why bother using the same tired grains for your product as before? Give your consumers a new something new to rave about with Ecuadorian Rainforest’s Alternative Grains. These ingredients can offer much to work with. They may add a nutritional boost to your product that will nab the attention of customers and separate it from the rest of the pack. 

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Fiber Ingredients

Fiber is a fundamental nutrient for optimal health. Found in a number of natural fruits and vegetables, fiber supports several vital functions in the body. Ecuadorian Rainforest offers a range of fiber-filled ingredients perfect for any formulation. Over the years, fiber has become one of the most popular nutrients in the nutraceuticals industry. As consumers have aged and learned more about optimal health, they came to understand the crucial role of fiber. Sales of the nutrient have reflected that.

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Keto Friendly Ingredients

The ketogenic diet, or keto for short, is a diet high in fat, adequate-protein, and low in carbohydrates. Google trends shows the keto diet as being the most popular diet in 2018-2019. The graph below shows the incredible jump in searches for everything keto. Let Ecuadorian Rainforest help you formulate your next successful keto ingredient

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Fiber Ingredients

The name “paleo” is short for paleolithic, the early period of the Stone Age, and focuses on the diets believed our early ancestors had during that time. Paleo has grown into a sizeable market. Some information to keep in mind when thinking about entering the paleo market. Learn how Ecuadorian Rainforest can help you formulate your paleo perfect product.

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Vegan Friendly Ingredients

Vegans are those who consume all of their nutrients from plant-based foods, so they do not consume any foods which contain or were derived from animals including dairy and eggs. Here at Ecuadorian Rainforest, we offer hundreds of botanical powders and extracts that are ready for your next succefful vegan food supplement or functional food product. 

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Wildcrafted Ingredients

For an alternative to conventionally cultivated and organic ingredients, take a look at the wildcrafted ingredient selection offered by Ecuadorian Rainforest.Wildcrafted ingredients are gathered in the wild, where they are free to grow as nature intended. Wildcrafted ingredients are harvested carefully so as to not disturb the ecosystem in which they grow and thrive. Ecuadorian Rainforest offers a number of wildcrafted ingredients that have been allowed to grow naturally without any or minimal human interference.

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