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Jojoba Powder

Jojoba Powder
Jojoba Powder

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Jojoba Powder 

Jojoba Powder (ER1096) from Ecuadorian Rainforest


USA (Origin may vary per lot - Refer to certificate of analysis)

Botanical Name:

Simmondsia Chinensis

Parts Used:



Brown- Lt. Brown (Due to the nature of natural ingredients, color may vary per lot)

Mesh Size:

80/60/40 Mesh Available

Other Ingredients:


**For bulk wholesale nutraceutical pricing on Jojoba Powder or any other fruit, herb, marine, spice & vegetable powder and powdered extract, please contact your ER representative directly or submit a wholesale quote request.

Other Information

Product Specifications
Botanical Name Simmondsia Chinensis
Color Brown - Light Brown
Country Of Origin USA
Parts Used Seeds

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