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Kosher Certified Nutraceutical & Botanical Ingredients


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Quality Kosher Certified Nutraceutical & Botanical Ingredients


Kosher is a term used to describe food that meets Jewish dietary laws, also known as Kashrut. The word "kosher" means "fit" or "proper" in Hebrew, and refers to food that is considered acceptable for consumption according to these laws. The rules for what is considered kosher are extensive and specific, covering everything from the types of animals that can be consumed to the methods used to slaughter and prepare them.

Kosher nutraceutical ingredients are those that have been manufactured and processed according to these dietary laws. This means that they are free from any prohibited substances and have been produced in a way that ensures they are pure, wholesome, and suitable for consumption by those who observe the kosher diet.

One of the key requirements of the kosher diet is that it prohibits the consumption of certain animals, such as pigs, and requires that those that are allowed be slaughtered in a specific way. This is to ensure that the animal is treated humanely and that the blood is drained from the body, which is considered impure. The methods used for processing kosher nutraceutical ingredients must also follow these guidelines to ensure that they are suitable for consumption.

Kosher food is not just limited to meat and dairy products, but also extends to ingredients used in the production of food, such as spices, flavorings, botanical herbs and colorings. To ensure that these ingredients are kosher, they must be produced under the supervision of a kosher certifying agency, which will verify that the production process and the ingredients used are in accordance with the laws of the kosher diet.

The benefits of consuming kosher nutraceutical ingredients are numerous. For those who observe the kosher diet, it offers peace of mind and assurance that the ingredients they are consuming follow certain guidelines. For others, purchasing kosher nutraceutical ingredients and kosher botanical ingredients may provide additional demonstrate the ingredients are produced using natural and organic methods and free from preservatives and artificial additives.

In conclusion, the term kosher refers to food that meets the strict dietary laws of the Jewish faith but is not limited to those who follow any religion. This includes nutraceutical ingredients, which must be manufactured and processed in accordance with these laws to be considered kosher.

Ecuadorian Rainforest has partnered with Star-K, a globally renowned certifying agency, to guarantee the quality of our ingredients. With Star-K's impeccable reputation, our company is proud to provide the market with the finest raw materials that are certified kosher.


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