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Kosher Ingredients

Star-K Kosher Nutraceutical Ingredients

Product NameStar K (UKD) CodeProduct Code
Echineacea Purp Herb PowderSK3I3V9AAGB#EP1000F
Echineacea Purp Root PowderSKD4GCHG0HF#EPRT1000F
Eggplant Powder (Air Dried)SKX6T4ET4ANEGP1000AR
Elderberry Fruit PowderSKB8HL7J64O#EFP1000F
Eluetherococcus PowderSKIUCSZEPV9SGP1000
Eucalyptus PowderSKLUS653FDBEP1000AR
Eucalyptus PowderSKWULT44U5REP1000F
Eyebright PowderSKEKAN6TCH7EBH1000F
Fennel PowderSKO07671U76FSV1000SC
Fenugreek PowderSKLJWZAMQLGFGS1000SC
Feverfew PowderSKNNTD7Z3VJ#TP1000F
Flaxseed PowderSKKUR3KTADPLUF1000SC
Garlic PowderSK40FLLSWTFGOP1000SC
Gentian Root PowderSK9HPRU8OUOGLNP1000F
Gentian Root PowderSK1XAFWMKKSGLNP1000FL
Ginger PowderSKHGNK2E53K#GRP1000AR
Ginger PowderSK5S54A1FGN#GRP1000F
Ginger PowderSKV4XXME8CH#GRP1000SC
Ginkgo Biloba PowderSK2BYL7ZBJT#GBL1000F
Ginkgo Biloba PowderSK1W5QHHRW5#GBL1000W
Gotu Kola PowderSKJG3D3GTFT#GKP1000F
Gotu Kola PowderSKNFNTYYEB5#GKP1000W
Graviola Leaf Powder (Air Dried)SK2JH2ARKMVGLP1000PN
Green Bell Pepper PowderSKTP2UFGMV5CAGB1000SI
Green Tea PowderSKAA6DRM78I#GTP1000
Guava Powder (Air Dried)SKH0D6XPX0B#PGFP1000AR
Guava Powder (Drum Dried)SKVRPWXY97L#PGFP1000PB
Hawthorne PowderSKOMSHSCS0M#HBP1000
Hawthorne PowderSKVNBT7FXAF#HBP1000FL
Hops PowderSK817JCI6VZHL1000F
Horseradish PowderSK8TM8L4GUZHR1000
Hydrangea Root PowderSKVHUJXYFT8HDP1000
Juniper PowderSK3WD24GKR3JCB1000F
Laurel PowderSK0IS04LGY9LLP1000SC
Lavender PowderSKQKD4VA1PXLAV1000F
Lavender PowderSKF5AXQXSJQLAV1000FL
Lavender PowderSKZ80IF2KGKLAV1000WH
Lemon Peel PowderSKOXUMB3SWCCLIM1000F

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