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Kosher Ingredients

Star-K Kosher Nutraceutical Ingredients

Product NameStar K (UKD) CodeProduct Code
Mango PowderSKJ0UQRYB7K#MF1000AR
Mango Powder (Drum Dried)SKJTNL4A4WU#MF1000DE
Mangosteen Fruit PowderSKNGKUVE7TWGM1000TW
Marshmallow Root PowderSKFEGAZ7J49MMP1000F
Marshmallow Root PowderSK0X6G5JEM1MMP1000FL
Milk Thistle PowderSKHYV5H5DZRSM1000F
Muira Puama PowderSK6IGIN3AS3PTOMU1000F
Mullein PowderSKX31WWAHRKVTM1000F
Mullein PowderSKAV07G22PLVTM1000FL
Nettle Leaf PowderSKKBVU7I6ZLURDNL1000
Nettle Leaf PowderSKYXS365XD5URDNL1000FL
Nettle Root PowderSK5QIVYXDUOUD1000
Nettle Root PowderSK3YD4NVMQEUD1000FL
Oatstraw PowderSK1ZD2CAVOPOS1000AR
Olive Leaf PowderSK7JQK0SH2N#OLP1000F
Olive Leaf PowderSKK6SRT5BPK#OLP1000FL
Orange Juice Powder S.D.SKV34QJLUBVOJP3000VT
Orange Peel PowderSKFSKQUL3EJOPP1000F
Papaya Fruit Green PowderSKALZ6XJKXR#GPCP1000AR
Papaya Fruit PowderSKTF6Q2410U#PAP1000AR
Papaya Powder, S.D.SK174BFUGHXCPJ3000VT
Parsley PowderSK6QK6IHPGJPLP1000
Parsley PowderSKL7RH5KDGTPLP1000SI
Peach PowderSK8M9Q9IREM#PP1000AR
Pear PowderSKVOKKVDJ55#PEP1000AR
Peppermint PowderSKAIMZ390KWMP1000
Peppermint PowderSKVHL1PKBY6MP1000F
Pineapple PowderSKETGETVIB0#PIP1000AR
Pineapple Powder (Drum Dried)SK07YP8J74D#PIJA3000
Plantain PowderSKMRQK6B0DTPMP1000
Plantain PowderSKYA7ZZFCLFPMP1000F
Plum PowderSK0XKBH25D3PDP1000AR
Pomegranate PowderSKM79TB2UXZ#PGF1000AR
Prune PowderSK5JDPJRA3G#PP1000AR
Pumpkin PowderSKIJ6CMFSH3CPM1000
Pumpkin PowderSKA1TLR30XDCPM1000SI
Pumpkin Seed PowderSKU0AVQZG1JCPSM1000SI
Purple Corn PowderSKMUEVFU836ZMC1000PN
Pygeum PowderSKDHT6VKP69PAB1000F
Quebracho PowderSK60R4IKR2LAQBP1000AR
Quinoa PowderSKT6OS2JUONCQ1000AR
Raspberry Fruit PowderSK4873AVIKG#RI1000AR
Red Bell Pepper PowderSKY76V747WTCARB1000SI
Red Cabbage PowderSKU16SYJOEGREC1000AR
Red Clover PowderSKW8JF6OPW5#RCP1000
Red Clover PowderSKX62F2IGUY#RCP1000F
Rhubarb Root PowderSKVRK9GKSKNRO1000F

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