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Kosher Ingredients

Star-K Kosher Nutraceutical Ingredients

Product NameStar K (UKD) CodeProduct Code
Rhubarb Root PowderSKWRCKRPPRMRO1000AR
Rosemary PowderSK581L4SLXZ#RS1000AR
Rosemary PowderSKT9GPCK8RS#RSP1000F
Rosemary PowderSKMZB2S01K6#RSP1000SC
Saffron PowderSK73PMZVP0NCGSF2000SC
Sage PowderSK9QD8BCWR5SOL1000F
Sarsaparilla PowderSK9QIRSGWPFSPR1000F
Saw Palmetto Berry PowderSKL46DLGMN4SSP1000SB
Schizandra PowderSKHLWJVQFUL#SC1000F
Schizandra PowderSKBULEEFXT2#SC1000W
Skullcap PowderSK2R9XA35Y1SCP1000F
Slippery Elm PowderSKZGVPMOJOESEBP1000F
Spearmint PowderSKDLYHX5LTWSM1000F
Spearmint PowderSKE8Q2J8R5JSM1000SC
Spinach PowderSKOQ0KF86F5#SP1000SC
Spinach PowderSKGDR2DHIB8#SP1000SI
St. Johns Wort PowderSKCYR44YVDF#HYP1000F
St. Johns Wort PowderSKWJJA4Q3W1#HYP1000FL
Strawberry PowderSKKBLJGN1UL#FC1000DE
Strawberry PowderSK0XLO623SL#FC1000DF
Suma PowderSKCX8CNB387SRP1000F
Sweet Potato PowderSK4X2NLTKZIIBSP1000S1
Tamarind PowderSK44FKSAHIW#TIP1000
Tomato PowderSK4YTNF9WYATP1000SI
Tribulus PowderSKWJHVPJXZT#TT1000F
Turmeric PowderSK47F6TI3HCTUP1000SC
Uva Ursi PowderSKW46XFMTQVUUP1000
Valerian PowderSKPCILY9MI4#VL1000AR
Valerian PowderSKQA6F2RR8F#VL1000F
Vervain PowderSKRDCVDH63EVOP1000AR
Watercress PowderSKV4EA9B6KJWCP1000AR
Watermelon Powder, S.D.SKSKUCVZCV7CLFR1000VT
Wheat Grass PowderSKSAAT5VHS4WGP1000F
White Mushroom PowderSKR8IB5TDHXABW1000SI
White Oak Bark PowderSK04ULWFOQSQSWO1000
White Willow PowderSKRUW8MODI7#WWBP1000F
Wood Betony PowderSKJFIFV0S29BET1000F
Yacon Root PowderSKYUN0QG0SXSSYR1000PN
Yellow Dock PowderSKMEG04VUI2RCY1000F
Yohimbe PowderSKE3B2FG8F7PY1000GY

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