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Rainforest Awards

Welcome To The 4th Annual Rainforest Awards


The winners of a Rainforest Award are...


Ingredient of the Year



Turmeric was an ingredient that saw a slew of new applications throughout 2017. Turmeric was found to be good for functional foods and beverages, encapsulated, as part of a supplement, and many other forms. Consumers flocked to turmeric for its curcumin content, a nutrient believed to be essential for optimal health. 


Most Popular Non-US Ingredient



The acai berry has proven to be a resilient superfruit. Though it was been a notable ingredient in the West for many years, it has now made its way into Eastern culture earning notable popularity due to its nutrient profile.



Best Functional Support Ingredient
Pumpkin Seed



The plant protein market has made remarkable growth in 2017, with pumpkin seed as a top source of the nutrient. Not only do pumpkin seeds contain up to 9 g of protein for a 1 oz. serving but they also offer several minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, and many more. This makes pumpkin seed a well-rounded choice for functional support.



Best Newcomer Ingredient


Goldenseal had a terrific year. As consumers learned more about the benefits goldenseal had to offer, the faster they flocked to try the ingredient themselves. Goldenseal has been the talk of the town due to its alkaloids content.


Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017



For many years chokeberry has been the go-to fruit for a wide range of consumers. From its antioxidant capacity to its naturally dark color even to its nutrient profile, chokeberry has made a name for itself by being a versatile superfruit with no limits in sight. Chokeberry is one of those rare ingredients that can be useful in virtually any formulation. 


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