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For an alternative to conventionally cultivated and organic ingredients, take a look at the wildcrafted ingredient selection offered by Ecuadorian Rainforest.


Wildcrafted ingredients are gathered in the wild, where they are free to grow as nature intended. Wildcrafted ingredients are harvested carefully so as to not disturb the ecosystem in which they grow and thrive. Ecuadorian Rainforest offers a number of wildcrafted ingredients that have been allowed to grow naturally without any or minimal human interference.


The important factor in wildcrafted food is sustainability. Harvesting foods found in the wild allows each ingredient to grow naturally and for harvesters to maintain the delicate grounds which those ingredients need. It’s a partner system. As an article from Nutraceuticals World states, “Wildcrafting is the commonly used practice of gathering plant material from the native environment, rather than from cultivated farms. However, in order to minimize the impact on the natural ecosystem and to ensure continued growth of the plant population, wildcrafters must gather ingredients responsibly.”


Consumers are becoming acutely aware of sustainability practices. According to Food Insights, “57 percent...have heard or read something about sustainability in food production. Even more fascinating is that 61 percent of Millennials have an awareness of sustainability, higher than other age groups.” About 43 percent of millennials are also willing to pay a higher cost for sustainable foods and beverages.


Natural foods such as wildcrafted ingredients offer consumers a sense of responsibility and commitment to the earth’s well-being. That may be a reason why the market share of responsible and healthy foods have been on the rise. According to Forbes, sales for foods such as wildcrafted ingredients remain strong. “Global sales of healthy food products, in fact, are estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2017, according to Euromonitor. While the health fads and trends have come and gone...this time the category appears to have serious stamina.”


Because of nutraceuticals such as wildcrafted ingredients, the industry is projected to be worth $1 trillion by 2017. That’s in no small part due to to the demands of consumers who, according to a Nielsen report, are looking for healthier ingredients. “Foods with all natural ingredients and those without genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are each considered very important to 43% of global respondents—the highest percentages of the 27 attributes included in the study.”


Wildcrafted ingredients also fall into a number of other categories. With wildcrafted ingredients, manufacturers can concentrate on natural products while also addressing other concerns. “[C]onsumers are looking for functional foods that provide benefits that can either reduce their risk of disease and/or promote good health. Thirty-six percent of global respondents rate foods that are high in fiber as very important, and about three in 10 seek foods that are high in protein (32%), have whole grain (30%) or are fortified with calcium (30%), vitamins (30%) or minerals (29%) to fulfill their nutritional needs.”


Wildcrafted ingredients offer a number of various herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and marine products. Their applications are endless. Wildcrafted ingredients go perfect with functional foods and beverages while lending themselves to other formulations such as supplements.


Some of our wildcrafted ingredients include:


Anamu, Blueberry, Bilberry, Nori, Gigartina, Arnica, Cat's Claw, Pygeum, Yohimbe, Chanca Piedra.


Hundreds more available. Submit a wholesale request today!


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